E/E Systems for Wind Turbines

Experience with next generation E/E components for cost optimisation and improved reliability

Technological advances in the E/E systems are inevitable to increase wind turbine performance, reliability, efficiency and lifetime. Cost pressure remains a powerful driver for innovations in E/E systems.  Furthermore, higher error rates in the electronic systems of a wind turbine can cause significant economic loss and trigger unplanned maintenance action. 

In order to grow market share and lower the cost of energy, wind turbine manufacturers and the supplier industry need to develop next generation E/E systems in wind turbines that comply with future requirements for on- and offshore applications.

This year`s focus will be on:

  • Unlock the potential of pitch systems to optimise the energy yield in high or low winds

  • Review international grid codes and their impact on power generation 

  • Explore efficient ways to upgrade generator and converter systems for enhanced cost-efficiency

  • Get the utilities’ experience on how to optimise components and decrease maintenance cost

  • Evaluate reliable tools and standards to manage data and interfaces in E/E systems 

In this IQPC networking event, expert presentations are followed by discussions and interactive sessions. 

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